Just call me Z. They/them. US based. Born in the 80s. I use Ibis Paint on a Samsung Tab S7.


If you like my artwork, consider supporting me. There are 3 tiers total, and multiple ways to access your benefits.


The comm queue is only open to subscribers. Prices in USD. I accept paypal, boosty, and cashapp.

LINE: lined, uncolored, unshaded
FLAT: lined, colored, unshaded
CEL: lined, colored, shaded
DETAIL: fully rendered

ICON (cropped headshot)
line 27 - flat 40 - cel 60 - detail 80
-> no examples yet! <-

BUST (shoulders up)
line 40 - flat 60 - cel 90 - detail 120
-> examples <-

HALF (hips up)
line 50 - flat 75 - cel 112 - detail 150
-> examples <-

FULL (complete body shot)
line 70 - flat 100 - cel 150 - detail 200
-> examples <-


NO extra fees: nsfw/nsfl content.
%50 off: opting for fully symmetrical.
%5 off: registered psyraps.
%30-%90 complexity fee: extra characters, wings, centaurs, objects, armor, alts, etc.
(If the second character is one of my OCs, that slot is half off.)


Psyraps are an original species that debuted on deviantART on August 2005. They are open and anyone is allowed to create adopts or OCs. Below is a list of psyrap-focused communities and pages.